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Best Cake in Spokane

Treat yourself to incredibly delectable, mouthwatering cakes in Spokane, baked with unique, signature European recipes! Perfect for any occasion — birthdays, tea parties, or just because — our cakes will make you or your loved ones feel special. Enjoy the ideal blend of light texture and tantalizing flavor!

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Customers Reviews

This is a great store for everyone. Excellent and diverse range of products, friendly service and reasonable prices. This is the best store in Spokane among Russian stores.
I will definitely come again and recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances!
Thanks! You make our life delicious!

Елена Гореликова
Very friendly and helpful. So much goodness in this market! Remind me of my childhood. Great customer service. I'll be going there from now on. They have awesome honey cake, cookies, teas, and Matryoshkies you can purchase for a decor or as a gift, sausages, smoked fish, sauces, ketchups, caviar is worth the price because those deliver across the seas, candies
mmmm..... Love it all.
Yelena Knudsen